World Through My Camera

I've always had an interest in traveling and photography, especially street photography. I've so far traveled to 36 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as 16 states ( + D.C.) in the United States. This is my place to showcase the pictures of cities and their life during those travels. I'm also writing tips and exchanging ideas for future travelers to these destinations.

My travel style is to find that sweet spot between budget and luxury travel. I always try to get value for the money when I travel. It's important to find high-end accommodation in a good location, but which doesn't cost your full travel budget. Another topic I find very important is the safety aspect. Since I always travel with my camera I am always aware of the surroundings. On this website, I often share my experiences with safety in the cities I've visited as I have found myself often see that information to be lacking on many travel sites.

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