Hanoi | Hà Nội


"The City For Peace"







European Union:



National Capital:

RegionalState Capital:

Population (City):

3 962 000

Population (Urban):


Population (Metro):

19 795 000

Population Density (km2):

2 500

Population Density (mi2):

6 400

2nd Largest City in Vietnam





Avg. Summertime High:

33 °C

92 °F

Avg. Summertime Low:

26 °C

79 °F

Warmest Month:


Coldest Month:


Avg. Wintertime High:

20 °C

68 °F

Avg. Wintertime Low:

14 °C

58 °F


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The Old Quarter is where most tourists will spend the majority of their time in Hanoi. It's a dense and lively area with old architecture and temples. West of the Old Quarter there's the Government quarters where you'll find, among other things, the final resting place of Ho Chi Minh (The President of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War).


Street in Hanoi

Hanoi is a bustling city full of life.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake, a popular destination for relaxation.

Hanoi streets

Streets are narrow and scooters are everywhere.

Large intersection

This is one of the main intersections in the city, but I have never seen a name for it. Traffic goes in all directions and everything is just general chaos here!


A very common sight in Hanoi is the trees that cover the streets.

Life in the city

There's life in every building here. The street interaction of buildings is incredible.

Narrow street

A rather narrow street.

Woman carrying goods

Everywhere you'll see people carrying goods in old-fashioned ways.

Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Cathedral is an impressive building that should not be missed!

Hanoi streets

Walking the streets in Hanoi is a sight in itself.

Dirty street

Streets are often dirty but feel completely safe.

People living and eating

People live and eat by the streets so you're never alone.


A street where vendors are selling goods.

Rail track

The railway is going right through the city and there are no safety barriers. This is however not the famous Railway Street (the background for this page shows that street).

Streets in Hanoi

A street in Hanoi

Busy street

The streets are bust and you need to watch out for traffic that can pass you from any direction.

Girls riding a scooter

Traffic rules are optional in Hanoi. These girls do not seem to break any rules. You should however expect every motorist to not follow any of the traffic signs or rules.

Two people working on a railway

If I had to guess, these guys are stealing copper from the railway track.