Istanbul | İstanbul


"Second Rome"




700 B.C.



European Union:



National Capital:

RegionalState Capital:

Population (City):


Population (Urban):

15 462 000

Population (Metro):

15 840 000

Population Density (km2):

6 000

Population Density (mi2):

15 600

Largest City in Turkey
Largest City in Europe





Avg. Summertime High:

30 °C

86 °F

Avg. Summertime Low:

21 °C

70 °F

Warmest Month:


Coldest Month:


Avg. Wintertime High:

9 °C

49 °F

Avg. Wintertime Low:

4 °C

39 °F


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Istanbul has several historical sights left from old Roman times when the city was called Constantinople, such as Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, and the Hippodrome of Constantinople. In Beyoglu, which is a more modern part of the city, you can shop on Istiklal Avenue or spend time on Taksim Square.

Republic of Turkey | Türkiye Cumhuriyeti






Southeastern Europe


783 356 km2

Ranked 36 out of 195



83 614 000

Ranked 18 out of 235


76 %

Ranked 56 out of 194



Population: 5 663 000

Largest City:


Population: 15 462 000

Major Cities:


Economy & Development:

Human Development Index:

Very High

Ranked 54 out of 189

Inequality-Adjusted HDI:


Ranked 57 out of 189

GDP (PPP) Per Capita:

$28 424

Ranked 73 out of 225

Democracy & Freedom:

Democracy Index:

Hybrid Regime

Ranked 104 out of 167

Freedom House:

Not Free

32 points out of 100 possible

Press Freedom:


Ranked 149 out of 180

Economic Freedom:

3rd Quartile

Ranked 95 out of 162

National Identity:

Independence Since:


Independence From:

Ottoman Empire

National Day:

29th of October

What Is Celebrated On The National Day:

It's called "Republic Day" (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) and commemorates the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the 29th of October 1923.

Facts & Codes:

Driving Side:



Time Zone:

UTC +3 (TRT)


Country Calling Code:

+ 90


Country Code:


ISO 3166

Hagia Sophia

World-Famous Former Church

Grand Bazaar

Huge Market

Taksim Square

Famous Square

Istanbul Airport

IATA Code:


ICAO Code:


Passenger Volumes:


50 km / 31 mi (NW)

Located In:


Named After:



The new Istanbul Airport overtook the old Atatürk Airport in 2019 as the main airport of Istanbul, and it is designed for much higher passenger traffic than the previous airport. It's a hub for traffic between Europe, Asia, and Africa. In a few years, this airport will likely be within the top-5 busiest airports in Europe, which is what the old Atatürk Airport was before it closed.

Transfer To/From:

Currently, as of early 2022, there are no rail-based options to reach the city center. A new metro line (M11) is under construction and is expected to be operational in mid-2022. However, to reach Sultanahmet or Beyoglu will still require a change at the terminus of the line in Gayrettepe Station.

The airport is served by buses and taxis. There are both private bus companies and also public city buses that serve the airport. The ride into the center by taxi is approximately 40 minutes.


Turkish Lira






Cash Or Credit:


Good To Know:


Local Language:


Language Family:

Oghuz (Turkic)

Writing System:

Latin Alphabet

What About English?

English is widely spoken so language won't be a problem.

Istanbul is one of the true world cities in the world. A meeting point between Europe and the Middle East. There's so much history in the city that you would need weeks to see everything. However, the city is best visited as a weekend trip to not become overwhelmed. My personal impressions of Istanbul were pulled down by the fact that I had terrible weather conditions. I didn't fall in love with the city, but I also could see what Istanbul can offer if the conditions are a little bit better.

Do I Recommend You To Visit?

Yes! Istanbul is a city everyone should visit at least once, but probably more times than that.

Will I Come Back Again?

Yes, it's one of the cities I'm most interested in going back to.

Weather During My Stay:

It was horrible. It was almost constant overcast, with lots of rain. The summer in Istanbul is hot and sunny. For those who are thinking of visiting in the autumn or winter, it is good to know that the weather is often bad and dull between October through March.


The history everywhere!

Not As Good:

Everyone wants to scam you.


Skyline of Istanbul

The skyline of Galata and Beyoglu, on the European side of Istanbul.

People sitting on a bench in front of the Skyline

People sit on a bench and relax with the skyline of Istanbul in the background.

Galata bridge and skyline

The Galata Bridge to the right and the skyline of Galata, with Galata Tower as the centerpiece.

Square beneath Galata Bridge

A square beneath the Galata Bridge with Süleymaniye Mosque in the background.

Fishing rod and the golden horn

A fishing rod from the many fishermen at Galata Bridge. The Golden Horn and skyline of the vast city are seen in the background.

Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymaniye Mosque.

Hagia Sophia

Probably the most well-known landmark of Istanbul, and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the whole world. The Hagia Sophia is located in the area of Sultanahmet (Old Town) on the European side of Istanbul.

Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or the Blue Mosque, sits just opposite Hagia Sophia and is also a well-known landmark of the city.

Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul is known for the many cats that are roaming the streets. This is especially visible in the area of Sultanahmet.

Söğütlü Çeşme in Kadikoy

Söğütlü Çeşme, a major street in Kadiköy on the Asian side.

Woman on scooter

A woman on a scooter on Halitağa Street, the main tourist street in Kadiköy.

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is a major meeting point in Beyoglu on the European side.

A street in Sultanahmet

A street in Sultanahmet.

Two guys posing for a photo in Sultanahmet

Many people in Istanbul will happily pose for photos on the street.

Rooftop restaurant

A roof-top restaurant viewed from the Süleymaniye Mosque.

Street life

Istanbul is a city with excellent street life. Stores and people are everywhere.

Street in Beyoglu

A street in Beyoglu.

Istiklal Street

Istiklal is the main pedestrian street of Beyoglu, and one of the most central streets of the whole city.

Street in Galata

A street in Galata.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is one thing you should not miss in Istanbul. Just don't expect a pleasant shopping experience since the pathways are very narrow. The overall experience however is pleasant!